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Option I
Option II
Option III
Design and Supervision
Design, Supervision and Project Management
Design and Turnkey job

Option 1

For Design and Supervision : we charge a lump sum fee

Option 2

For Design, Supervision and Project Management : On the basis of contracts handed out to any contractor /contractors with material and labour, we charge a lump sum fee against Design and Project Management.

Option 3

For Design and Turnkey job : Against Design and Supervision we charge a lump sum fee. The Quotation for the entire project would be forwarded and subsequent to approval we shall hand over the completed job within a stipulated time period.
When we give an offer for a turnkey job our associates / specialised company /companies would be doing the project for which we are completely responsible. The client shall get a one window delivery

Decision on which Option the client chooses can be taken at a later stage after we have given a preliminary layout / proposal.

The success of the project would depend on the preliminary layout / proposal, which will include the layout and a more or less detailed budget ( with rough quantities ) to an accuracy of plus / minus 10%

To make the preliminary layout /proposal we would require :

1. A brief with regards to requirement

2. An email asking us to prepare the preliminary layout / proposal
The email is to be addressed to
Director Marketing
The karigars
Email :

3. An advance payment (depending on the size of the project) to be adjusted in the design fee later on
This amount will be mutually agreed upon.
The cheque is to be drawn on The Karigars
The balance mechanics would be a part of the proposal and can be mutually worked out.


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