We develop Art programs that will enhance your corporate image. We work from the blueprint stage to actual site visits in order to recommend Art identification and placement and develop a budget. We see the project through from development of your Art program to installation.

Due to our vast network of artists, representatives and specialty designers, we can offer you a variety of Art/ Sculptures/ Paintings/ Emblems/ Water Bodies in a wide range of budgets. We also offer investment art for those who want to start or expand their collections.

We encourage Kid Art


We offer you a wide range of original paintings, acrylic on canvas in various genres, mediums and sizes

We have the capacity to give you upto 1000 Paintings within 60 days of confirmed order

These paintings are made by Artists of repute commissioned by us

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Art Solutions

We provide Art solutions and fill the space with paintings, sculptures, screen art, video/voice, fountains, emblems, logos and signage.

We also commission artists to work on themes provided by you or/and conceived by us. We also commission artists to do onsite Art. All of the above is fully coordinated.

For Hotels / offices / facilities

Can be made as per design
for use in Exteriors and Interiors in
Any size
Any color / colors
Any design

We recently made and installed this emblem / logo for the UAE Embassy located in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi.

Sculptures and Installations

We specialize in sculptures to suit indoor and outdoor environment.

We can create and design a sculpture on your brief or we can create a sculpture on our design.

We coordinate with artists of all levels and provide expertise in creativity and materials to suit your budget and your theme.
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Fountains/Water Bodies

We design all kinds of fountains and look at every aspect to include mechanical, lighting and Interior finishes.

We do all kinds of Exterior fountains also.

For Hotels / offices / hospitality
(A division of pvt. ltd.)

Landscape and Terrace Garden

High quality customized landscape solutions to enhance your home and office aesthetic at reasonable prices.

Innovative and functional designs in tune with requirements of our clients.
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Kid Art shaping young imagination

Encourage the child artist

Purchase kid art

Display kid art in hotels / offices / homes / facilities
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Budding and Famous Artists

Encourage the individual artist

Purchase original art

Display or collect art
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